Authoran is digital academic resources where authors and academician meet. It enable them to Publish their papers, Build a professional profile, become a scholars, Get cited and reviewed by thousands of people. This includes to access Project topics, thesis, dissertations, term papers, journals, assignments,books e.t.c.


  1. Sharing the information you find helps other researchers to proceed with their work, based on the knowledge that exists in your field. .
  2. Published works can contribute to the general understanding of research questions.
  3. The solid body of the published work will help you advance your career as you will be subject to academic appointments and promotions.
  4. Publishing helps you establish your position as an expert in your field of knowledge.
  5. The act of putting your research to paper will help you clarify your goals for the research, will help you in reviewing and interpreting your own data and force you to compare your work with that of others.
  6. Publication helps to preserve your work in the permanent records of research database.
  7. You earn through your publications.

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